Pupperoni and Begging Strips Dog Treats

I consider myself to be an expert in matters of dog treats. As I am a proud pet owner I enjoy indulging my dogs taste buds with a variety of treats. In this multi product review I will discuss the several of the many treats I had purchased for my beloved four legged friend. I hope to help consumers make an informed decision the next time they are browsing in the pet treat aisle of their local grocery or pet store.

First up is T Bonz by Purina. My dog loves these cute little steak treats. T Bonz by Purina are available in Porterhouse steak and Fillet Mignon flavors. T Bonz by Purina are available in a ten ounce package and a one pound package. As the name suggests they are shaped like mini steaks and made with real beef, for a flavor any dog will love! These are not only cute and yummy treats for dogs but they are also reasonably priced the ten ounce package costs less than three dollars in my area, while the one pound packs are priced under five dollars. I try to keep a package in my car, that way if we encounter a new person, it is easy to make friends with a T Bonz by Purina. I will continue to purchase and recommend T Bonz by Purina!

I saw the little 50 calorie snack packs of Pupperoni beef stick treats at my local Wal-Mart, and I thought these would be an ideal way to offer a treat to my dog without worrying about his weight. It is a great idea by the folks at Pupperoni, however these little packages contain maybe one stick of Pupperoni, tore up into smaller pieces. You get eight small packages per box, and the price is about four dollars in my area. Simply put, it is not a good buy. You will get ten or less full sticks of Pupperoni beef treats in the package, but they cost more than a full bag of Pupperoni lean beef snack sticks for dogs. In my opinion, you would be better off to purchase the standard bag, and watch how much you are feeding your dog.

Finally, my dog loves Begging Strips little bites. These are small pieces of puppy bacon, that my dog goes crazy for. Begging Strips are affordable, at about two dollars per package, and they are sure to make your dogs tail wag at the sight of the bag! As the commercials say ‘ Dogs go wild for bacon!’

In my opinion T Bonz by Purina is the better of these three versions of dog treats, as what dog does not love a steak treat?!

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