KitchenAid is the Pro

I don’t know what took me so long to purchase a stand mixer. I have a love/hate relationship with my hand mixer and from that I have suffered many blisters from opting to the totally “by hand” method! When I finally had enough, I began researching the stand mixers and wow…they really get up there in price. The reviews can go on for days, and every other comment contradicts the next. I was left feeling stuck, either way this is a decent amount of money to shell out. All I knew was that I needed a reliable appliance, and that was the best place for me to start.

KitchenAid may not be as prestigious sounding or as expensive some of the other brands that will pop up in these searches, but what KitchenAid does have is longevity and originality on this product, in this market. Their mixer was developed by a Hobart Company subsidiary named Troy Metal Products. In 1915, a man named Egmont Arens designed the first model of an electric mixer, and from the beginning it has offered it’s wonderful “planetary action”. In 1919, the first domestic model was offered to the public, by door to door sales of course for a notable price of $189.00. By 1924, Troy Metal Products was renamed KitchenAid Manufacturing Company. Business continued for KitchenAid and later in 1986 the company was acquired by the Whirlpool Corporation (one of, if not the largest appliance makers in the world.) Before I continue, let me stop and go back for a minute and repeat this….$189.00 in 1919! Now I feel like I am getting a true bargain! Plus, these are the real deal-original designer! The mixer of all mixers! You could say that all mixers have somewhat followed in KitchenAids’ footsteps.

I prefer the 6 quart size bowl with the lift handle, but if you prefer the tilt back head of a 5 quart bowl, they have it. These appliances are also a decorators delight with many colors to choose form; so whether you’d like to match the color to your decor or have it stand out and let your guests know that they are in the midst of a professional. Hopefully they are lucky enough to be your dinner guests and enjoy! So comparison shop now for the best price and color in stock-I’m very impatient, especially now that I’m excited about my decision. I choose the cinnamon Pro 600 and paid $299.00, it has been well worth it. You can find a refurbished model, but I felt more comfortable with a new machine with a warranty.

Soon after my purchase, I began an accredited, professional baking program where the entire school (aside from the floor model machines) used either the KitchenAid 5 quart Artisan or the KitchenAid 6 quart Pro 600. So, it was nice to know that it’s good enough for a school, and was then proven to stand up to the wear and tear of the several classes that mixed on it all day. Now having finished the schooling, I have worked in a professional kitchen that uses a different brand and it is awful. It feels as if it will break any minute, or the bowl may just pop off at you. I can say that not only is the KitchenAid more appealing to the eye, it is also a sturdy and durable product that has perfected the “planetary action”.

In my opinion, look no further then Kitchen Aid for your stand mixer needs.

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