The Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse – Proceed with Caution

This wireless mouse is a rather pricey model that promises a lot but doesn’t always deliver on its promises. In fact, the reviews are surprisingly mixed. It’s almost as if some folks got a good product and others got a “lemon.” The Logitech gaming mouse looks sleek and stylish, and it’s loaded with more calibration options and features than you may ever use.

It operates on rechargeable (but not replaceable) batteries. Some users find it hard to seat the mouse in the the charging station, which can be a bit annoying. There is no way to recharge the mouse while using it. The batteries hold a charge for a long time, though.

The mouse is fairly large and ergonomically designed (for right-handers only) to minimize fatigue during long periods of use. It fits under the hand for effortless and natural movement. Of course, while some users like the way it feels, other users don’t find the mouse very comfortable.

The scroll wheel, which is a big selling point, is loved by some and hated by others. It is extremely sensitive and fast, to the point that it may register a scroll even when you didn’t intend to, or send the cursor flying off the screen into the ether. The mode change from smooth scroll to click scroll is a bit wonky for some users.

The mouse is immediately responsive after turning on – but in some situations the connectivity reportedly drops off. Gamers in particular would be frustrated by this lapse in performance.

It’s pretty clear that this mouse is not a good choice for serious gaming – it’s designed more for work than for play. All in all, you may want to look at other products in addition to this model before making your mouse buying decision.

Here are some of the features of the Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse:

  • – MicroGear Precision scroll wheel operates in two distinct modes
  • – SmartShift technology automatically applies the best scrolling mode for the application you’re using
  • – Document quick flip lets you move effortlessly between documents and applications
  • – Integrated search button connects instantly to your preferred search engine
  • – Precise laser technology and a rechargeable battery

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