What Type of Dryer to Use After a Hair Relaxer

You just had your hair chemically relaxed and now your going to put heat, and products onto your head. Wrong, unless you want frizz, dry hair, and hair breakage. Blow dryers not only cause frizz, they can make the hair feel like straw, and take away moisture from the scalp, especially after a hair relaxer.
If you are trying to avoid these problems, I highly suggest using a dome hair dryer. A dome hair dryer has many advantages. Here they are:

A dome hair dryer allows you to relax while getting your hair done. All of us women enjoy reading a book, maybe fixing your nails, or just closing your eyes. This can be done in your own home.

Hands free- When using a dome hair dryer, it will allow the hands to remain at your side at all times. This way the hands are not stimulating the hair creating frizz, causing knots, or hair breakage like a regular blow dryer will do.

Ends of hair that are most porous after an relaxer are protected. When using a regular hair dryer the heat comes in contact with the ends, roots, and shaft, but with a dome dryer the ends can be protected with end papers and rollers.

Dome hair dryers can be quite expensive, but there are some on the market that are budget friendly such as the Hot Tools 1200 Watt Hood for $39.99, or the Hot Tools Ion dome hair dryer for $50.00. Both of these dryers will help soften the hair, add shine, reduce frizz, and keep the style locked in longer.

After a relaxer your add needs as much moisture as possible. This means less heat, more protein. Speaking of protein, you can add protein to the relaxer, which will make the hair smoother, stronger, and straighter. From experience I would add a product called Neutral Protein Filler. This product can be used mixed with the relaxer, used with a hair color, or can be turned into a deep conditioner. With any chemical service you need to seal the cortex, and this product will do just that without causing any harm.

What I like most about dome hair dryers is, the air is constantly circulating and not remaining in one spot for along period of time, and there is no hard brushing or combing to cause any further damage to the hair. When we use a hand blow dryer the hair is constantly moving around all over the place, which can cause lots of static and frizz.

Sources: Professional beautician/personal experience

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